Via Navene Vecchia 139, Malcesine (VR)
+39 3406307182


The kitchen is right in front of your eyes. You can check the way we work, the way the wood-fired spit roasts our products… Italian tested juicy meat. Self-service allows customers to decide how long they wish to stay with us. Meat and beer at the entry, coffee and cakes at the small stall in the garden.

Our kitchen is right in front of your eyes. Place your order at the self-service counter and take advantage of the short wait to enjoy the aromas of the wood-fired spit and the care our chefs put into always offering you a perfect cook. At the outdoor kiosk, you will also find liter-sized beer mugs in the best Bavarian Biergarten tradition, along with a wide selection of bitters, grappas, and liqueurs. With large tables on the outdoor patio and two heated rooms, we guarantee all our customers the opportunity to find their ideal space.

Finally, the dessert cannot be missed to end your visit in style. All our desserts are strictly homemade. Don’t miss the opportunity to try grandma’s tart and Mario’s true specialty, tiramisu!

Wood-fired spit specialties, immersed in greenery.

We are open from March to October, every day from noon to midnight. The kitchen closes at 11 p.m.


On the wood-fired spit to obtain tender, flavorful, and low-fat meats.


High-quality meats strictly from Italian territory.


Dry-cured with salt, a special blend of natural and gluten-free spices.

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